Friday, April 24, 2015

What About Fashion?

Fashion Revolution, Buy Less and with A Conscience
Yes that is me :)

Hello People of The World!

Today is fashion revolution day.
Let's all take a moment to reflect about the fashion industry and it's human and environmental costs. (they are too high)
And ask yourself who made your clothes.
For info, I'm wearing an handmade skirt by HouseOfRecollections (on etsy got it 4 years ago) and a white, organic and fair trade t-shirt from People Tree.

To fight slavery and for the environment :
Join in the movement :
Ask brands who made your clothes, start wondering, pondering, searching for brands you can trust.
Buy less! (duh!) buy when you need something, buy organic, choose hemp and linen over cotton.
And you can also buy vintage.
Follow online magazines : Ecouterre.

I started to gather fair and handmade brands, you may check my pinterest board for that.
Buy less and with a conscience.

Any tips or cool blogs/websites you follow about fair and slow fashion?
Or do you have any cool brands you love? let me know in the comments :)

Have a fun sustainable day! :)


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Week 16 of Daily Miniature Vegetables and Fruit

Miniature fruit and veggies in dollhouse scale, by Stephanie Kilgast, aka PetitPlat
Daily miniature veggies sculptures. For bigger, better pictures, go over on tumblr.


It was a fun week :)
I think the sunshine is for a lot in my wonderful mood these days. I basically smile all the time, that's nice.
Maybe it has also something to do with my recent discovery of a new tv show, 'forever'. Crime scenes, a smart (may I add cute) british guy, a tat of paranormal (but really just a tat) and I'm happy.
Also the veggies this week were really fun to sculpt. The asparagus? Very cool! And oddly easy.
The maize/corn? I had a blast, truly! I even made some heirloom varieties today.
Oh and I took more care of my body again.
I must admit I fell into a just-once-a-week-a-little-bit-of-yoga-routine (blame the heavy christmas season, always puts me off track) and I started following dancing lessons on youtube. I just wonder why I never did that before? I basically dance very often when I work, I even took a dancing class at some point, but... me and teachers is not a good mix, I have so much freedom in my life, I just can't handle any schedule and people telling me what, when and how to do things. (unless I don't have a choice of course)

Yes that's pretty much all I had to say for today.
Nothing ground breaking I'm afraid :)

I hope you had a fun week too :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cute Cupcake Collection

Miniature Cupcake Jewelry, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat
Cupcake Jewelry / Bijoux Cupcakes

Hey Folks (again) :)

I have been starting to re-vamp my cupcake collection back in January, but with the daily veggie challenge and the high amount of orders (thank you and sorry for being so slow btw), I never found the time to get back to it.
Until last week, when half-jokingly, I made a deal with Eva from TheBlueRabbitHouse : I would finish the cupcake collection by today and she would finish her drawing and ultimately make postcards out of it. Also check out her pretty drawings on instagram, where she posts more regularly.

So here I am, with fresh, improved, lovely detailed cupcake necklaces and earrings.
I put them all in my webshop, of course!

The chocolate frosting was too much of a pain to make, so I have done "only" 4 necklaces with that one (3 mint and 1 pink), I'm unsure how to tackle this differently, so will have to search a bit more once they're gone... or maybe just let it be :)

Voilà :)

Miniature Cupcake Jewelry, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlatMiniature Cupcake Jewelry, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlatMiniature Cupcake Jewelry, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat

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