Sunday, May 10, 2015

Behind the Scenes of Daily Sculpting Miniature Fruit and Veggies

Behind the Project of Miniature Fruit and Veggies
130 days...
well... 129 to be precise as one fruit is missing from this picture... the sapodilla was in the photographing area

Hello Folks :)

I've been sculpting for 130 days now and sometimes it drives me insane.

Today I'd like to share a bit about the creative process behind the project. One of the main concern I get when I talk about this challenge is Are you going to be able to find enough different fruits and vegetables?
Of course! I then answer in a laugh.

Here's how I find new fruits and vegetable inspiration :
I started off by looking what fruits and vegetables are in season, so I check locally what is produced but also check online. I still check every month for seasonal fruit :)
Once I did those, I went to look for odd fruits and heirloom varieties.
From there I hopped onto the exotic fruit wagon.
And by now I'm looking more specifically per region, for instance, "brazilian fruit".

Behind the Project of Miniature Fruit and Veggies
In case you're addicted to fruits, here's my pinterest board.

Right now, I'm making lists of say the next 10 or so fruit and veggies I'm going to sculpt and so I'll follow the list and pick one per day. (or more if I have time and motivation)
First I check the size, usually using wikipedia and looking at pictures of the fruit hold in a hand or on a market stand.
I convert it into 1:12 scale, as this is the scale i'm working in and put this in a little note book.

Depending on the difficulty I pause and think how to proceed.
Should I use the caning technique? how many times am I going to bake said fruit? does it resemble something I already did before? Do I have to mix new colors or can I work from what I have? and so on.

And then I just go on and do it :)
Is it over yet? ha! I wish!

Once it's baked and cooled, I then proceed to take pictures of the fruit in a neat arrangement. I have many different papers for background (paper freak, moi? well yes) and also cool wooden spoons and other props to give a sense of size. My fingers and hands, they are... well let's just say I sculpt too much haha!

Behind the Project of Miniature Fruit and Veggies

Once the miniature has been photographed, it is uploaded on my computer and goes through post-processing. (lightroom and photoshop)
Finally, the winning picture is posted on my dedicated tumblr.

Behind the Project of Miniature Fruit and Veggies

See, this is why I'm trying right now to sculpt a few fruit and veggies at a time, so I can at least save time on baking, photographing, post-processing and posting.

Hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes!

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Week 18 of Miniature Fruit and Vegetables of the World

Week 18 of Miniature Fruit and Vegetables of the World, Stephanie Kilgast
Follow the whole project over on tumblr.

Hello :)

Another busy week has passed.
I'm terribly hungry right now and so my brain isn't quite ready to deal with what I could brilliantly tell you about last week, so hmm, let me think...
Ah yes, I worked a lot :D thinking of which I ought to make a blog post about my work in progress, but hey, that would mean taking the time to blog and we all know that's just not going to happen.
Or is it?
I mean I could simply take a day of the week and make a recap of my instagram pictures. That should be do-able.
As you see I am making feeble attempts at reviving the blog a little, because, you know, SEO, marketing strategies and all that boring stuff? Apparently blogging helps.
So there, I'm shallow like that, I just want people to find my work to buy it. Ha!
Just kidding (sort of) ahem...

Besides, blogging feels nice again. The chatting here? nice. Taking pictures with my real camera and not just my phone like on instagram? really nice.
And I like the (safe, regular, routine-like) schedule of this weekly recap, it's easy to follow.
So yup, expect to be swooned by other posts soonish!

Time to get some food, and as I'm alone tonight wooooooooot! fiesta!!
(Yes I enjoy being alone from time to time.)
I will eat garlic bread topped with cheese and salad. Oh boy yes. I'm drooling just thinking of it.

Be nice,

Week 18 of Miniature Fruit and Vegetables of the World, Stephanie Kilgast

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 17 of Daily Miniature Veggies Sculptures

Miniature vegetables sculpted from polymer clay by Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat Minis
Full daily sculpture project on

Hello :)

another week has come and gone.
This week I managed to sculpt part of the veggies in advance! woot! I made 5 in a day, so I had more time to work on other projects for the rest of the week. (cookies and bread over on Instagram)
This is clearly the way to go. (not that I didn't know that though)
Tomorrow I need to sculpt a few veggies in advance, and fruit as well, it's been a lot of vegetables lately.

This week-end is my partner's birthday, so delicious food is in order! We are making sushi and one combo I love : avocado, cucumber, roasted sesame seeds and mayonnaise... I'm drooling just thinking of these!
We also need a good cake or cookies for his birthday, but no clue yet what to do. I am more of a cook than a baker. I can bake cookies and bread, but cakes aren't something I'm interested in.
Sooo if you have any idea I'm all ears! :)

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